2023 Here we come!

2023 Here we come!

Mountain Peak has been going strong for quite a few years off and on. Last year, in January, I decided to really give it a go. I got our business license, insurance, submitted my recipes to Health Canada, and developed my little studio. I tried some new recipes, and failed. I tweaked recipes and created amazing products (our shampoo and conditioner bars are the best, and I know I am biased but whatever). I tried other recipes and succeeded. I gathered a strong and amazing customer base with many returning customers. I created my webpage, with a little help from my mom. I was able to get into two physical stores. Copper + Twine in Airdrie, and The Hive in Nanton. If you have not visited these amazing stores, I urge you to run there now! Copper + Twines owners are so down to Earth and real and their boutique is incredibly beautiful. The Hive is one of the most unique stores I have been to. The owner is amazingly kind and incredibly talented at fitting hundreds, if not thousands, of vendors into her space. AND they have TheBuzz, and onsite restaurant that is so tasty. Okay, back to my train of thought here, insert ADHD joke (more on that later). There are times I really wanted to quit, but I kept pushing on. I really love my little business. 

My family has supported me through it all. My husband watched me haul dishes upstairs and surprised me with a utility sink and drying rack to ease my cleaning process. My kids come down and help me package or create some things (like shower steamers) that don't require hazardous chemicals. My Father-in-law has helped me with shelving and electrical stuff (he also built my studio... okay it was meant to be a kids room but that didn't pan out). My mom helped me get my website up and running. Even my dog waits outside of my studio door to make sure she doesn't miss anything. 

My customers, damn you guys. Thank you! Some of you have become friends. Some of you have been my friends forever. Many new customers are becoming recurring customers. Without you guys, this business would be nothing but me creating way to much stuff that I could never use and my husband rolling his eyes at all the soap. 

2023 has so much in store, including this new blog where I plan to post all the things. New recipes, hilarious stories chronically my ADHD, family adventures, mishaps, successes, hard times, good times, weird times, you name it, I'll post it. If you want me to try a new recipe, send it my way. I'll blog that shit too. Oh, and there will be swearing because for fuck sakes its funny and it's who I am.

Chat later!

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